I love to share my knowledge and empower children, young people, adult women who are shy with technology and men who dread threading a needle. I love to show a way to experiment with electronics and hand-sewing, and encourage to create unique designs. I hope this way we can all get away from massive consumption and start understanding the world around us a little bit better through our handwork. This is why it is particularly important for me to run workshops for people of all kinds of cultural backgrounds and ages. Since 2012 I’ve produced and taught numerous workshops at museums, schools, universities, art galleries, libraries and festivals.

If you would like me to run a workshop at your venue, feel free to email me.


Soft Robots:
In this workshop you will sew your own toy robot and learn the basics of wearable technology. The eyes of the robot will light up when you press or stroke it. You will sew with conductive thread, create textile switches and make your own electrical circuit! (Duration: 3h-4h)

2012-09-13-12-45-18 dsc_0908 20160603_134200 20160603_133112
robot on the left: made by a participant at Make Munich 2014

Speaking Bag
In this workshop you will give your bag a voice! You will hack a greeting-card sound module and extend it with a handcrafted textile pressure, pompom or stretch sensor. By activating it, you will be able to play back your record. You will use conductive thread, conductive fabric and even crochet with conductive yarn! (Duration: 3h)

alex_zweibag by Alexandra Lukaschewitz at Bayerisches Nationalmuseum 2013
bag by a participant at HackerBrücke München 2013

Music Hat:
In this workshop you will take apart and integrate headphones into a warm hat. This way you will be able to listen to music in wintertime AND keep your head warm at the same time. You can also pimp up your hat with LEDs, conductive pompom and other e-textile elements. (Duration: 1.5h-2h)

muetze 2015-11-21_10 2015-11-21_12

T-Shirt Piano:
After a short introduction into History of Wearable Technology and e-Textiles you will create your own portable T-Shirt Piano. You will learn the basics of electronics and capacitive sensing, programming and handsewing techniques. You will use conductive thread and conductive fabric, and will also work with Arduino Lilypad  – an open-source microcontroller, designed specifically for wearable projects. By the end of the workshop you will have your very own wearable piano, which you’ll be able to play outdoors or indoors, in the office or at the school, in a bar or a bakery. (Duration: 1-2 days)

prototype_01_web img_1187 img_1178
Octopus music shirt by Catherina Strunz, pic by Christian Schüller

DJ ToGo:
This is another variation of a portable music instrument you can wear. You will craft a soft potentiometer, which will be controlled by Arduino Lilypad. You will also incorporate rhythm buttons and learn the basic programming required for this project. You will work with conductive thread and fabric, piezoresistiv velostat, as well as traditional crafting materials like metal poppers. (Duration: 1-2 days)

20160920_153315 img_021020160922_150908 img_0220