This project was accomplished in collaboration with the artists Stephanie Müller (rag treasure) and Klaus Dietl and was exhibited at the AABER Award exhibition in June 2013 in Munich. In our experimental art lab we explored various devices which amplified, channeled or shut down human communication. Throughout the whole exhibition I was soldering a radio from the scratch, which was meant to be amplified by a steel kitchen sink in the end, while Steffi was solving visitors’ communication problems with her sewing machine and self-screen-printed textiles, creating such items as a knee bra, an internal alarm clock mechanism, etc.





For this exhibition I set up an analogue data base, and encouraged visitors to fill it with data. I suggested various categories for the data base: aspects of out every-day life which were procedural (like recipes, knit patterns, sport exercises, etc.), and the audience was offered to write down their algorithm on a card, feed it into the “machine” and take a different card in exchange. Thus I wanted to initiate a tangible and direct information exchange.